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  • January 27, 2019
  • Why Companies that Supplied Defective Earplugs Were Sued by the Military

    The alleged defective earplugs that were supplied to the military by the Notable Minnesota manufacturing 3M settled because the company compensated them. The lawsuit that the company received was as a result of supplying ineffective earplugs to the military. Combat earplugs was the name that was used when the ineffective earplugs were being traded. Loud noise was blocked by the earplugs when the military was in the battlefield. Earplugs that were defective were created in two different versions. The two versions of the earplugs that were designed were the dual ended and single ended models.

    The dual ended models were sold to the government even though the earplugs were not operating fully. These earplugs were standardized equipment until they were discontinued. Dual ended earplugs had two different functions. The sounds that surrounded the soldiers were heard at a low volume if they are worn on one side. Th verbal commands that the senior military gave to other soldiers were the ones that were heard using those dual ended earplugs. The loud noises were blocked when the dual ended earplugs were worn in the opposite direction because they acted as extra protection layers.

    The earplugs did not reach deep enough int the ear canal to protects the ears of the soldiers, and that’s why they were disqualified from the market. The earplugs also became loose during the battles which made their ears to be damaged because of loud noises. The dual ended earplugs that were worn by some soldiers made them experience some problems like hearing loss. During that time, the company that supplied the dual ended earplugs was sued by the soldiers.

    Because of supplying defective earplugs to the military, the company had to pay them after they received a lawsuit. The company was assumed that it supplied the earplugs knowing that they were they will stop to work after some time, and this is why they were sued. The military do not get defective products because the department of justice and defense has that responsibility of making sure they receive quality products. The company was greed for money, and that’s why the military personnel lost their hearing. The military also sued the company because of that. Other companies that supply defective products stooped because they feared they would get the same lawsuit.

    Other people apart from the military are also asked by the government to lawsuit those companies that supply defective products. The companies need to face the lawsuit because the defective products that they are supplying might cause other problems. The government also ask the greedy companies that supply defective products to stop making easy profits because they might cause them trouble. The government revokes the licenses or ban the companies that supply defective products until they start to manufacture better products.

    The Key Elements of Great Laws

    The Key Elements of Great Laws